BRAD TEARE BEGAN HIS CAREER illustrating for clients such as Fortune magazine and The New York Times. His illustration has appeared in books by James Michener, Anne Tyler, and Alice Walker. Teare started his comics career with the 1980s animated TV series The Incredible Hulk and The Amazing Spiderman. He later began writing and illustrating Cypher which was serialized in Heavy Metal magazine in 1992 and published as a graphic novel in 1997 (where The Subterranean made his first appearance). Teare’s work has been included in anthologies such as The Big Book series from Paradox Press, Graphic Classics, and the Spectrum annual. In addition to his comics work he maintains a fine art career in landscapes and woodcut. Teare lives in a small town in the Rocky Mountains with his wife, trompe l'oeil painter Debra Teare.

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