Saturday, February 18, 2012


GETTING THE COVER RIGHT IS CRITICAL FOR A BOOK. One common error for comic books is to have a cover that doesn't harmonize with the emotional quality of the inside pages. The original cover for Cypher was done in a 3D program and reflected my enthusiasm for the new medium rather than what the book really needed. I did a new cover for the Kindle version (currently unavailable) which has more graphic flair and is more in keeping with the content of the book. It also was designed so it would read well as a thumbnail, an increasingly important function.

I have seen novels with covers that look like comics which is an equally grave error. The primary function of a book cover is to telegraph quickly what the reader can expect inside. Throw the reader a curve and you probably lost a reader. I won't include a large version of the original cover but you can click on the small Amazon link to see the original:

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