Saturday, February 18, 2012

Book of Dreams

THE SUBTERRANEAN APPEARED in Cypher in the last story entitled SubWayward. It is the most personal in a collection of highly personal, surreal stories. The protagonist is given a book (entitledDreams) and as he thumbs through the book he finds it's a comic book about a superhero called The Subterranean. The theme of the story is about how subconscious thoughts percolate up through our consciousness. A friend told me it was a cool idea and that I should illustrate an entire comic of The Subterranean.

At the time I was concerned about finishing the sequel to Cypher and I dismissed the Subterranean project. Cypher is a more cartoon version of reality and I wasn't thinking of The Subterranean as a realistic super hero. When I started doing the sequel to Cypher eight months ago The Subterranean completely took over and soon evolved into a realistic comic book in a scratchboard style.

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