Saturday, February 18, 2012

H.G. Wells story

I THOUGHT IT MIGHT BE INTERESTING to post a few of the pages from stories I've done for Graphic Classics over the years. Without these assignments I doubt I would have evolved the style needed for The Subterranean. This particular story, a five-page story called The Star by H.G. Wells, is done in a style similar to the scratchboard used in Cypher.

The editor of Graphics Classics, Tom Pomplun, suggested doing the entire story using pantomime scenes. I was initially unsure if this method would adequately tell the story. As I worked with the concept I discovered that using few words would actually work quite well. A few panels have words in the illustration like the newsman who is selling the paper with the headline explaining the main concept of the panel.

I decided to add a few words spoken by the aliens in the last panel to give a bit of texture and slow the ending down a bit, like a slow fade to black. Overall I thought the story worked fairly well and was pleased to illustrate such a venerable author.

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