Thursday, January 26, 2012

Page 33

Hyper labs is a story that sets the scene for the next story. It is based on a composite of a romanticized version of my father's laboratory  (that I frequently visited as a child) and the bizarre and dilapidated headquarters of the magazine National Review that I once visited as a young illustrator.

My notions of what a laboratory should be was derived mostly from reading Tom Swift novels as a youth. I was always enamored with the possibility of outrageous creativity of scientific labs.

Page 34

My point here was to sketch the various fields of endeavor while casting the scientists as blasé observers of their amazing scientific virtuosity.

Page 35

The experiment demonstrating brain transference was one of the clichés of the science fiction of my era. I'm striving for irony here, hoping to demonstrate that landing a job at this lab might not be such a great opportunity.