Tuesday, November 29, 2011


CYPHER HAS THE SINKING FEELING that all is not right but he persists with his infatuation and expresses his love  for his anima, a woman who is nothing more than a symbol that exists in Cypher's mind.

 His relationship with the woman is entirely fictional. The impossibility of a man and a woman connecting under these circumstances is symbolized by the roaring engine that completely obliterates any possibility of real connection and communication.

The woman is left completely perplexed by Cypher's odd behavior. In the next scene we see a flight attendant handing out magazines aboard a plane. Everyone is reading a magazine about love or romance. Except Cypher. He is reading a magazine called Fish tales a symbolic reference to the mermaid and it's dysfunctional significance. It is also a reference to the fiction fishermen often tell about the one that got away.

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